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Welcome to our frequently asked questions - find answers to common queries

How long will it be until my scissors are returned?​

A - Please allow 7 working days.

I have an out of date order form, can I still use it?

A - Certainly please do, our up to date prices can be found on the order form download page.

Do you sharpen thinning scissors?

A - yes we do.

My brand of scissors are not listed on your order form, can you still sharpen and service them?

A - Yes we can sharpen and fully service all brands of hairdressing scissors.

Can you carry out repairs?

A - Yes we can carry out most repairs, normally these can be completed within our inclusive prices, however occasionally there may be a small extra charge for special order parts.

How can I pay?

A - We accept payment by Cheque, Paypal and Credit / Debit card - see order form for more details.

How can I get a free-post envelope to send my scissors in to you?

A - You can order one at no cost from the 'Packet order form' link at the top of the page.

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